My name is Alastair King and I am the serving Alderman for the Ward of Queenhithe in the City of London. I sit on the Court of Aldermen, part of the Common Council (local council) of the City of London. It has been my honour to represent Queenhithe on Common Council since 1999, first as a Common Councilman (1999-2006), then as Deputy (2006 – 2016) and now as Alderman (2016 – ). Whether you are a resident, local business or an occasional visitor to Queenhithe – this Wonderful Ward – I am here to help. This website highlights what I do for Queenhithe in the Ward, at Guildhall and elsewhere. You may also find out my latest news as well as how to contact my office. Your feedback is always welcome.

Perspectives of the Ward of Queenhithe
Alastair King